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Sabar Orthotics

Abdominal Surgical Belt, Orthotics, Orthosis,

Orthotics, Orthosis, Orthopedic Support, Ortho Supports

Orthotics, Orthosis, Orthopedic Supports, Orthotics, Orthosis, Orthopedic Supports


Abdominal Surgical Belt, Lumbar Sacro Belt, Back Guard, Cervical Collar, Elastic Rib Belt, Inguinal Hernia Belt, Wrist Binder, Tennis Elbow Support, Wrist Brace, Ankle Binder, Varicose Veins Stocking, Tubular Knee Support, Tubular Ankle Support, Walking Stick, Clinical Heating Mat, Flexible Heating Pad by SABAR

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Cervical Collar - Sabar

Clavicle Brace - Sabar

Tennis Elbow Support - Sabar

Arm Sling - Sabar

Back Support with Metal Frame - Sabar

Cervical Aid

Clavicle Aid Wrist and Elbow Shoulder and Arm Back Supports

Abdominal Surgical Belt - Sabar

Rib Belt - Sabar

Rib Belt for Female - Sabar

Elastic Knee Support - Elastic Knee Cap - Sabar

Hinged Knee Brace

Thoracic and Abdomen

Thoracic and Abdomen Thoracic and Abdomen Knee / Calf / Ankle  Knee Brace

Traction Aid

Knee Splint Elbow Crutch - Sabar    

Traction Aid

Universal Splints

Walking Aid




We manufacture a wide range of Orthoses - Orthopedics supports, braces, splints such as: Lumbar support, Abdominal support, Arm sling, Sling & Swathe, Rib support, Female lower rib supports, Female rib cage support, Frame back support, Knee support, Back support, Wrist binders, Elbow supports, Wrist brace, Shoulder supports, Posture braces, Clavicle brace, Ankle supports, Hernia support belt. Knee supports, Back supports, Wrist supports, Elbow supports, Backguard, Posture supports, Ankle support, Ankle binder and more....

We at Sabar Orthotics, manufacture wide range of Orthoses, Orthopedic Supports, Rehabilitation Aid products. We have in-house manufacturing facilities to cater wide range of products in large scale. We have many innovative and monopoly type of products also.  orthotics, orthosis, orthotics rehabilitation aid etc..






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