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Sauna Slimming Body Wrap - FLTR 1230

  Sauna Slimming Blanket - SSB 200  
  Sauna Slimming Blanket SSB 300      

Sabar Manufacture wide range or Slimming Products. There are many products for clinics as wel as for House hold use by individuals. All the products including : Sauna Slimming Body Wrap and Sauna Slimming Blankets are designed using infrared thermal technology. It is a verified product for fat, obesity, adiposity and cellulite reduction. Its application is painless and comfortable. Constructed with overload protection devices and having variable temperature settings (with Computerized Control Unit / or with Temperature Setting Switch) safeguards device.

The Sauna Slimming Body Wrap / Sauna Slimming Blankets are made up of water-resistant man made laminated fabric. It requires a table space for installation and is easy to carry and operate. It occupies very little space when folded. Explore the site to know about our products.


Each Sabar product is designed for ultimate effectiveness,

maximum comforts and delivering greater value for money.



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